Deze vrouw was zo bang om een afspraak te maken dat ze 6 jaar gewacht heeft. Dit schreef ze na haar eerste bezoek aan mij:

Dear Cora.
It’s been more than a week since our meeting and you have changed my life for the better.I loved meeting you and all the things I learned. Thank you very much for being so respectful of my doubts, for taking so much time to answer my questions and for being so enthusiastic about it. I went there to learn more about sex to be able to please a man but you made me shift my focus to myself and my own healing. I am very grateful for that. I have read a lot lately about tantra, kundalini and self-love since our meeting and I am fascinated. I wish I had visited you earlier, but there’s no point in being sorry about that now, as we cannot turn back time. I am just grateful I went there now. 
I have just returned to the Kegel exercises because I still had that problem in the perineum the last few days. I am feeling better and I feel the difference with the way you taught me to practice the exercise from the tailbone. I can feel all the pelvic muscles that way and less stress only on the perineum. 
Thanks for all you taught me and the amazing e-mail with all the tips.