Do you know that feeling of your body and mind being in a state of unknown? Without being in touch with yourself you just walk through life, do your job, hang out with your beloved ones and do your usual things. I recently realised this has been my situation for years now and I didnt even know it. I guess its easier to cope with life without too many emotions and feelings. Emotion and feelings just are very unpracticle and unwelcomed stuff. Don’t you agree?

Sebas and I walk up to the frontdoor of Cora and ring the bell. A tiny lady with beautiful long hair opens the door. A sense of positivenes and calmnes fills up the hall as we enter. We take our shoes off and walk upstairs.

We enter Cora’s sacred place,

her sacred place where erotic pleasure is welcome without judgement. Here all our desires are most welcome, it’s safe. Sebas his eyes meet my eyes. His eyes seem curious, exciting and are ready for whatever is coming his way the next couple of hours.

Sebas is a hard working, goodlooking guy who is serious about his choices in life and has pretty impressive morals and values. While his father was working his way up the corporate ladder when he was a young boy, he and his little brother were mainly raised by his mom.

It gives an unique, but lovely twist to the “whatever relationship it is” that Sebas and I have. I grew up in a strict environment where life was structered and the household looked more like a smooth running factory than a loving family. As a women I am supposed to be this caring, emotional creature and Sebas a selfcentered, unawared man. Well, I have never met a guy who is so awared about a womans feelings and needs. As a true gentlemen, who knew they really do excist, Sebas always keeps my interest at heart. I guess I have his mom to thank for that.
On the other hand, Sebas keeps being surprised how a lady like me is so independant and walks through life with my head held up high without needing anything from anybody.

Let me tell you this, it didnt take me long to get used to always having someone to talk to and I kinda even like putting my head against his chest and feeling life is secure and safe. I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing, though.

The music starts playing and Cora gives a stick with feathers to Sebas. Completely naked I am laying here in the middle of a completely strangers home. Madness..
I can feel the feathers tickling my body and I try to relax. Daily life is running through my busy mind and I realise how busy it actually is. Remembering Cora’s breathing techniques I start focussing on that. “Fuck, this is going to be a long next couple of hours.”

Now I feel warm hands rubbing oil on my feet, legs, tighs, hips, back, arms and neck. The oil covers my whole body like a warm blanket. Cora and Sebas are at the far end near my feet. I can hear them whispering, whispering about all the erotic sensitive spots on my body. Well, Sebas is going to find all of them, I am positively sure about that!

The room is filled with sexsual tension

and all I can focus on are the hands of Sebastian over my body. He is exploring all of me and especially the erotic spot in my lower back feels pleasant. Mmh, not just pleasant but very stimulating. With his hands he is making circles on this particular spot and I can feel my body warming up. Stroking the erogene spot on the lower back apparantly directly stimulates a series of spinal nerves which are connected to the pelvis.
I find myself wondering about how I never knew this. Every circle he makes, makes me even more aroused. I am not sure if I can survive this massage without me jumping on Sebastian just right then and there.

Sebastian wisperes in my ear that I should turn over. I smile and do as I am told. I peak through my eyelashes and see how Cora and Sebas are preparing themselves for the next phase. Sebastian has some red spots on his neck and I get overwelmed. Overwelmed with this feeling that I am just laying here and just have to receive this gift of pleasure. It suddenly hits me that for the first time in weeks, I feel myself at ease. Everything at this moment feels right. Cora, Sebastian and I are here to experience this world of intense pleasure and the next level of intamacy. The feeling that Sebas gives me, with his kindness makes my breathing go faster. I can see his eyes looking over the special places of my body and his eyes are nothing but pure giving. Tears of peacefulness are escaping my eyes and Cora tells Sebas to ask me how I am feeling. I can hear Sebas smiling and Sebas tells Cora that he knows me well and me showing my tears means I feel safe. I shake my head and a secret smile follows.

Sebas finally reaches my Yoni

and asks me if he is allowed to enter. I say he can and carefully I feel a finger inside me. He makes some sort of stroke movements inside and its a feeling I have never felt before. He continues this movement for a while and the whole inside my Yoni is getting warmed up. I tilt my hips and hear myself and Sebas breath more heavily. My yoni is on fire and I wet my lips. I ask Sebastian if he can make slow, small circles over my clit and he complies. Cora tells me I can start tightening all the muscles in my body. I do as I am told, Sebas moves aside and here I am focussing on every little bit of nerve I have in my body. By tightening my muscles all my bloods runs through my body and it gives me a unique feeling. I feel Sebas entering my aura again as he comes lay next to me. He askes me how I am feeling and I can do nothing but just smile and make myself comfy next to him. I dissapear in his arms and chest for a while.
How can I explain in words to Sebastian that I have just experienced my sexsual desires being released not just in my Yoni but released through all of my body? Actually, I dont feel like thinking or talking at all, I just want to stay in this rush. I guess I will just let him read this story, that will probably satisfy all his curious questions:)

By Zoë van ‘ourlittlesecrets’ 🙂

16 March 2020

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